We are Transforming to Suit Best Our
Partners & Clients

AECO Space is a brand owned and developed by AB Computers Ltd. The company is an authorized distributor of SketchUp for South Eastern Europe (SEE).
Our portfolio is continuously upgrading with other software products suitable for users in the creative industries.

Same Passion
New Communication Style

AECO Space is developing two-line business communication channels. 

Our primary focus is B2B relations where we aim to spread the needed knowledge that leads to the inevitable success of our re-seller partners. 

Create whatever
You Imagine

For our B2C network we offer innovative solutions in the creative industries, technology, and software products that ordinary people can use. 

No matter if you an an architect, engineer, a landscape specialist, 3D modeling enthusiast or just a curious visionary – we have the tool to help you create every-day wonders. 

brand strategy

Behind the
Story of the Brand

Our new identity incorporates the will to offer knowledge, to share passion and to support the creative spirit of the industries we are focused on. 


To suit best our company and industry profile we choose Londrina Sketch Regular style. It is a hand-written font, created in 2012 by the Brazilian designer Marcelo Magalhães behalf his type foundry Tipos Pereira. 

With its free but still geometrical forms, this sanserif jewel best expresses our company idea – to offer both space for creativity and solidity of knowledge. 

Additionally, it incorporates perfectly the feeling of the sketch, which is the core of our top distributed product – SketchUp. 

logotype aeco space

Color Palette

The logo mark of AECO Space combines colors and forms accordingly the defined company archetype. 

The squares suggest stability and authority. And the colorful scheme fits the idea to leave a legacy through innovation. 

Using numerous colorful fragments in the logo gives us a chance to vary in our graphic messages in order to suit different audiences. It allows us to be minimal when needed or present ourselves in the full specter of possibilities.  

Space for Making Business
while staying creative

AECO Space brand is dedicated to discovering the truth and spreading knowledge. Therefore, we take pride in intelligence and information and have faith in humankind’s ability to learn and grow, to make smarter decisions. On the other hand, we are devoted to provide our clients with the tools to express themselves creatively with freedom of choices.

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