To Have or to Be: Everything you need to know about the benefits of distance learning

May you live in interesting times. The Chinese curse is extremely relevant today. Usually, the interesting times are defined as times of troubles but also – times of change, new choices and opportunities. Everyone is affected by the unusual situation around the world in many ways. However, the life goes on. Even in a completely different way than it used to be. Everyone is looking for the right decision. for himself.

So, do you prefer to have the knowledge or to be an attendee in a classroom?

We believe that this article will be useful to the people who choose to educate themselves and to improve their knowledge. The topic concerns also teachers and coaches who are forced quickly to optimize their teaching models.

Let’s take a close look at the Pros and the Cons of these two different education formats

The attendance form is the classic way of education. We all went to school, right? But as an adult this may be not the most convenient format of learning. People have different plans and intense life and it’s hard to devote a large part of time and resources to this kind of activity. Sometimes the reason is the distance, family obligations or job engagements. Or even quarantine. (Not very funny though…)

Usually, most of the attendance courses last a long time. They are expensive, because their price includes renting a hall, technical equipment, the whole organization and support. And there is always a restriction about the number of students. So it is not easy to gather a group of people with the same interests, level of knowledge and schedules in one place for months.

We must admit that there is a certain kind of magic in attendance learning. The social interactions and the power of the group is really something important. In this format we have the opportunity to talk to the teacher face-to-face and to ask our questions. The coaches that lead the attendance training programs are high qualified professionals dedicated to their subject.

During an informal communication with other people we can receive useful information about different areas, like health, cooking and cultural events. Usually in these kinds of courses the students are much more focused and committed. Maybe because they are part of a group now and the motivation is high.

What about Distance Education?

One of the great challenges of the distance education is to keep your motivation high. The students need to have good time management skills and extra focus, so they don’t drop behind. Some people meet technical difficulties or miss the personal consultations with the teacher. When it comes to assignments, there is often a lack of individual attention and feedback.

However, there are some quite big benefits of distance education. First of all, it is flexibility. Many online trainings allow students to watch lectures in their own time. It is very helpful for working professionals on a full-time job or parents with family obligations. Distance learning allows studying from home, coffee shop or office using laptop or other mobile devices. And all resources and lectures are available online.

Another advantage of distance learning is the attractive price. Online education costs less because there are fewer expenses to include. Usually, every online training has a community in some social network and the exchange of useful information, e-books and links is jut a click away. So the students actually get more and pay less.

Distance training could be the wise choice for teachers too. They have the opportunity to create a community, to reach new students, to spread the knowledge and fulfill their mission at a very reasonable cost. From their living-room.

Attendance Learning

– is more expensive
– takes long period of time
– needs a specific location
+ is motivational
+ includes the personal contact
+ boosts inspiration

Distance Learning

– require certain technical specifications
– demands motivation
– is more distracting
+ gives flexibility  
+ has an attractive price
+ grants access from any location

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Distance or attendance learning is a personal choice, of course. Now we have so many educational opportunities, skill courses, online lectures, webinars and free videos.

Everything is in our hands. So let’s just take some action and don’t leave the time just pass by… One day the world will heal from the current pandemic and the important thing will be – what person will you be afterwards?